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One of the main reasons that contractors often don’t live up to expectations is that most Recruitment Agencies employ people with no genuine experience of the IT industry, heavily targeted on sales, to perform key word searches on sites such as “linked in” to find candidates for you.
This means that you then have to do a rigorous and time-consuming job in selection, sorting the wheat from the chaff.
Entier work differently.
We have over 20 years hands-on experience of IT Contracting and Project Delivery, so you can trust us to know what it takes to deliver successful projects.
All our candidates are handpicked for you by our highly experienced Project Delivery Managers who are committed to only selecting people they would personally want to work with.
And rather than gambling on public networks we draw from our pre-qualified entier approved community of independent talent.

People Are the New Process

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We’ve all been there on that ‘computer says no’ phone call with a call centre – the one who’s already kept you waiting for 30 minutes whilst repeatedly telling you...

Purpose Matters

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In my last blog post I talked about process and how it was a blunt instrument in a volatile world of change and that I thought People were the answer,...