Entier are a niche contract agency specialising in project delivery professionals. We provide a refreshing alternative to traditional recruitment agencies by taking accountability for having great people show up.

We do this by using trusted Programme Managers and Change Professionals at all stages of our selection process.
We’ve used our insight from over 20 years of Programme delivery to design an experience which has the people we are looking for stand out, by design.
We do things differently because we’re people-centred. We look for specific traits and behaviours. We look deeper and take the time to find the right people, so that you can have confidence in them. It’s about ‘show’ not ‘tell’. It’s about their contribution, reputation and values. About who they are. Most importantly it’s about providing proven delivery expertise from people who care.
Because of this we are able to offer a fully flexible range of engagements and a level of accountability for who shows up which is simply not available to traditional recruitment offerings.
Our ‘entier approved’ guarantee backs up our confidence and our claims. If within the first month you do not feel you have received someone of the calibre you expect, we will provide the person and a replacement FREE.
We know that working with great people is more important than ever. We take away the time consuming and uncertain aspects of finding great project delivery people. Leaving your key project resources to focus on what they do best…

– Delivering your Projects.

People Are the New Process

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Purpose Matters

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